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What kind of preparations do you need to do before the opening of the indoor children's amusement park?

In the opening of an indoor children's amusement park, there is a lot of work to be done before the opening, which is also subdivided into many local areas. Below the Guangzhou Feifan amusement equipment manufacturers, we will introduce the ten tasks that must be done before the opening of the business.


  1. Staff training for children's parks

    Staff training is the key task of cultivating and forming common values and enhancing cohesiveness. Newly recruited staff training is to let them understand, recognize and like the company's big family, further understand the future work content and nature, and learn and be familiar with the actual situation as soon as possible. The professional skills and process methods required in the work of indoor children's parks form a good working attitude and service awareness.

  2. Indoor children's playground rides debugging and precautions

    Generally speaking, children's amusement class testing focuses on the machine's coin acceptor or chuck, machine setting, and operation component testing; machine kanban, game description; whether the machine placement is convenient for customers, such as reasonable spacing Whether the walkway is unobstructed, and the inside and outside of the machine are clean and hygienic. The child naughty castle test focuses on the safety performance check before the installation of the equipment, such as whether there is a sharp angle tool on the site, the confidentiality and fixation of the line source and the route.

  3. Indoor children's amusement park publicity layout

    The propaganda and arranging work includes: the theme propaganda of the opening of the indoor children's park, door decoration, event promotion, such as signboards, opening hangtags, floor stickers, posters, etc.; logos of office areas, corporate culture displays, signs in places, such as checkout counters, No smoking, safe export, toilets, etc.; decoration of the checkout counter, money sales system, preferential activities, office cards, such as price package light boxes, activity screens, etc.

  4. Promote indoor children's amusement park planning activities

    The indoor children's amusement park opening planning activities are mainly online media, online promotion and offline peripherals, and in-store experience. Including online promotion of Weibo and major websites (including group buying platforms); with the WeChat marketing platform, the WeChat platform activities such as the big turntable, the golden egg, the WeChat red envelope, and the scratch card were widely spread before the opening of the business. The opening of business information coverage; and the distribution of peripheral leaflets, business district advertisements, and off-site activities attract people into the field; in-store activities in the store mainly need to create an atmosphere of the scene, such as dolls to distribute gifts, machine activity competitions, limited time free experience.

  5. Designate an office form for a children's park

    According to the management needs, it is necessary to list the forms as clearly as possible, such as gift warehousing table, goods storage form, customer registration form, employee scheduling table, on-site work handover form, financial statement, etc.

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