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What is the solution to the difficult bottleneck in operating indoor children's playgrounds?

From the current situation of the indoor children's playground equipment market, in fact, many operators in the process of operating indoor children's playgrounds will always encounter the situation of poor management, and often think about how to get rid of the business distress of business bleak? Turning losses into profit is a problem that many people want to solve. Non-sail children's play equipment manufacturers combine years of experience in indoor children's play equipment industry, from the following points to analyze the reference:


  1. Analyze the current operation of indoor children's parks

    If the choice of indoor children's playground equipment is unreasonable, it will inevitably lead to poor management. In the absence of an indoor children's playground selected according to market research, the new wave may be new, but it is not welcomed by the market. At this point, the more the device is running, the more money is lost, because running costs are a waste of money. In another case, the equipment is too old, the indoor children's playground has not been updated for a long time, and the customer group facing the children's playground is relatively small. Adjust the update rhythm of the device according to market conditions. Very necessary. For example, in the bumper cars of the autumn and winter seasons, the small train is the main entertainment equipment for indoor and outdoor playgrounds. In the spring and summer, it is necessary to adjust and update other new indoor children's playgrounds according to market demand.

  2. Adjust the promotion of indoor children's parks

    After a survey of many indoor children's park operators, it is found that in the aspect of external publicity, there is often a state of polarization. Some operators blindly carry out propaganda and invest a lot of funds, often with little effect, and serious results. The capital chain is broken and it is deadlocked. On the other hand, many operators ignore the propaganda, but it leads to a small propaganda. It is necessary to give customers a profit, send a leaflet, and do online and offline advertising.

  3. Use promotional methods such as membership cards

    The indoor children's park makes full use of the promotion methods such as membership cards to repatriate funds. For example, if you have a few chances to give a certain amount of play, or use the number of times to reduce the amount of free play, you can quickly withdraw funds, and at the same time, the membership card is tied to the customer's consumption. Habits, many customers will recommend each other's relatives and friends to handle, so that children have companions in play, so that you can effectively drive new customers through old customers. In addition, operators can also carry out corresponding activities through holidays to promote consumption and how to apply for membership cards, so as to recover costs early. The cost has been recovered. Whether it is the secondary decoration of the indoor children's playground site, the purchase of indoor children's playground equipment, or the investment of funds for publicity, it is naturally more convenient.

  4. Co-marketing with other commercial branded goods

    If the indoor children's park itself has reached a certain scale, characteristics, quality and image, it already has intangible assets. It can consider joint marketing with relevant industries to achieve a win-win and win-win effect. These alliance products should have a positive image, and their image and the image of the indoor children's paradise can complement each other. The combination of the two can play a role of mutual promotion and promotion, so that the union will make sense. After all, it is still reminding operators to regularly review their indoor children's playground. Even if there is not much problem in the current operation, it is good to be prepared for danger. Before the bottleneck period, avoid risks in advance, adjust business strategies, and strive to achieve Maximize profitability.

Feifan Amusement focuses on the development and production experience of indoor children's play equipment for nearly ten years. It has a group of R&D teams with profound understanding of children's play and psychological characteristics. Based on the principles of green health, education, and children-oriented design, for children. Design an indoor children's amusement park that is happy to play together. Design an intimate and unique parent-child space for children and parents, and strive to make children's language, communication, creativity, problem-solving and attention work through various games. And promotion.

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