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How do indoor children's amusement park brands refine and spread word of mouth?

The indoor children's amusement park industry has been developing steadily forward and has been sought after by many people. The amusement equipment industry must continue to innovate independently and develop its own innovative ability to pursue higher levels of success. Indoor children's play equipment manufacturers still mainly rely on OEM production, and the proportion of products with independent intellectual property rights is only 20%. The reason is the lack of corporate awareness, but it is also related to the lack of policy. Because there is no relaxed environment, enterprises have no clear expectations for future development, lack of long-term development confidence, inevitably short-sighted, lack of long-term development of strategic planning, and dare not invest heavily in technology development and content creativity.


On the road of independent research and development, to create a suitable industry development and meet the actual needs of the market, three models can be developed:

1. Indoor children's amusement park manufacturers send various technical talents to visit all over the world. Through the experience survey of amusement industry products, they will create creative inspiration, and then combine inspiration and wisdom to develop new products;

2. The introduction of indoor children's amusement park equipment technology and technical cooperation;

3, breakthrough and encirclement, to build their own brand, indoor children's amusement park quality and innovation is always the magic weapon.

In particular, it is necessary to emphasize the third point, to create an indoor children's amusement park brand of its own characteristics. The quality of indoor children's amusement park equipment is the primary condition for the brand to take off. It is the solid foundation of the brand. Only on the basis of the excellent product quality itself, and through the promotion and promotion of advertising, the brand can gain the trust of consumers and establish the brand's popularity. Reputation, loyalty. If there is no product quality as the basis, more advertising can only blow out an indoor children's amusement park brand bubble. A good children's park chain brand should focus on providing children with a three-dimensional children's playground for safety, health, innovation, fun, comfort, and puzzles, so that people can have fun while playing.

For many children's indoor amusement park brands, innovation is the core of the indoor children's amusement park brand. In fact, for the current children's playground market, novel products are also the biggest capital of the business. There are many children's park brand manufacturers in the industry who have brought together a large number of elites who specialize in children's psychology research and children's entertainment and education services. At the same time, they introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, constantly innovate, and add sophisticated equipment to provide investors with A children's playground that is popular with children and welcomed by parents. These parks have one common feature: integrating children's play, leisure, shopping, culture, education and other functions and services.

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